For Comedians

For every show we attempt to book at least nine comedians and the MC. In addition we accept sign-ups on the night from people with no or almost no comedy experience.

Information for experienced comedians.

Information for new or almost new comedians.

Shows start at 7:00 PM sharp. Call time 6:45, If you’re going to arrive after 6:45, please let us know.

Several days before the show we create a Facebook messenger group for each show. If you’re expecting to be in a show and aren’t added to one by the Friday before the show please message Julia to check.

If the weather is expected to be fine, the shows are outdoors in a park. If rain is expected, Heard & Potters Parks will relocate to the Cricket Pavilion in Auckland Domain. If the weather is predicted to be very bad, we will cancel. An announcement will be made in the messenger group at approximately 4 PM on the day of the show.

Please share the event to your Social Media comedy pages.

If anyone needs an escort to or from their car, let us know.

If you need to get a message to Julia or Tessa on the night of the show, e.g. running late or can’t come please post that in the performer’s messenger group rather than by private message as we are often not carrying our phones during set-up and show time.

New Zealand is not currently experiencing high levels of Covid. If this changes, we will provide wireless & wired mics & stands as well as hand sanitiser & sanitising wipes for your use. A bin for disposing used wet wipes will be at the same place. If you don’t feel comfortable using our mic, you are welcome to either use your own or just talk loudly. We will have speakers that accept mics on a 6.3 mm (¼ inch) jack plug and our mic cable fits a standard XLR (3 pin) mic plug at the mic end and has a 6.3 mm plug at the other.

Last updated 8 January 2024 @ 16:30.