For New Comedians

We have quite a long page for new comedians on our parent site. Please read it. These are some additional notes.

The big difference between comedy in a park and in a bar is we use natural light this has three main effects

  • Shows can only happen if the weather is reasonable. If we can’t perform on a night we will try to roll bookings forward to the next week & if an affected comedian can’t perform that night we’ll fit them into a show as soon after the cancelled one as possible.
  • Depending on sunset time we will use natural light until it starts to fade then switch our lighting on.
  • References to “The light” while we are using natural light aren’t actually a physical light. The MC will approach the stage as your allotted time draws to an end. Treat this as 30 seconds to go, not an immediate exit. Finish your current joke & say goodbye.


There are currently no Covid-19 restrictions. Whenever there are we fully comply with the government rules on operating in a Covid-19 environment and we will post how we intend to comply here or on a linked page.


This is a public park & alcohol consumption is controlled by Auckland council. Our reading of their rules is that alcohol is permitted unless there is a liquor ban in effect.


  1. We’re comedians not lawyers & accept no responsibility for anything that might look like legal advice
  2. If you choose to drink, please drink responsibly, especially before your set.