For Experienced Comedians

In its running and organisation Park Comedy is fairly typical of Auckland open mic comedy nights:

  • We pre-book comedians. This is done through our Facebook group.
  • The call for a cast is normally posted 6 days before show time.

We differ from other open mics in:

  • We perform outside.
  • As we use natural light, it’s imperative that we keep to time. As yours nears its end, the MC will approach the stage.
  • This means “The light” isn’t actually a physical light. The MC will approach the stage as your allotted time draws to an end. We’ll aim for 30 seconds ahead of time.
  • We allow comedians to specify their own set length, within reason.
  • We allow sign-ups from the floor, time permitting.


We comply with the government rules on operating in a Covid-19 environment. Details.


This is a public park & alcohol consumption is controlled by Auckland council. Our reading of their rules is that alcohol is permitted unless there is a liquor ban in effect. Searching their site did not reveal any liquor bans in existence for this area. Caveat:

  1. We’re comedians not lawyers & accept no responsibility for anything that might look like legal advice
  2. If you choose to, please drink responsibly, especially before your set.

Code of Conduct

We have not developed our own code of conduct as we believe that there should be a single code of conduct used by all comedy shows in New Zealand. The New Zealand Comedy Guild Incorporated has developed a code that we fully endorse. It can be found here (pdf)

We expect everyone involved with our shows, including ourselves, to abide by this code.