We want to make our shows as accessible as possible & where we have the opportunity will be asking for koha rather than ticketing. For overseas visitors, this is pretty much the same as the UK “Pay what you like” idea. Basically come along, watch the show, then pay what you think the show was worth within the limits of what your budget allows.

Street performer Liverpool, courtesy Wikimedia.

It costs us money and a lot of preparatory work to stage the shows & your koha is all that keeps them running and help fund others we’d like to do in the future. We thank your for giving us a little.

We’ll be accepting cash koha at the show in our yellow bucket, which gets a verbal “thank you” or you can deposit it to our bank account which still gets a warm “thank you” but you probably won’t hear us say it.

  • Paypal (Tessa Clement): Donation Link.
  • Bank transfer: Tessa Clement 38-9001-0456625-07 If you put Park or Comedy in the reference it helps tell us why the money’s there