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We run wireless as much as possible. Wireless microphones to our sound desk, then wireless to the speakers. Our lighting controller, used when sunset is earlier, is also wireless.

We have 4 handheld wireless mics for use by the comedians & two body pack (over the ear) wireless mics reserved for Julia & Tessa. When necessary we also have a stupid number of wired mics that were used in late 2021 to early 2022 when there was a worry about the amount of Covid spreading through the comedy community.

Our sound desk consists of receivers for the wireless mics, a 16 channel mixer, and transmitters for the speaker links. We’ve never used more than 10 channels on the mixer, but we already had it for other purposes and it is the only mixer we have that could deal with the stupid number of wired handheld mics we used in 21-22 summer.

Also in the sound desk is a DMX lighting controller with a transmitter to the lighting stands.

The speakers are PA speakers powered by external 12v batteries.

Each lighting stand has two RGB lights & a wireless DMX receiver.

If all this sounds like overkill, it is. We assembled it from kit we already had and use for other gigs.

Category: Technical

All the equipment we use is dual use & most of it has been sized for larger more complex shows then repurposed for park use. The same set-up is used for our indoor One Mic Stand-up gigs.

We have a philosophy of “no singe point of failure” meaning that if any one piece of equipment fails, we have a drop in replacement (not necessarily as good) that will allow the show to continue.

Some examples:

  • Each light stand has two lights. If one fails we have the other and can hot switch over from the tech desk. Typically we run the lights at less than half power so audience members shouldn’t even notice.
  • If the mixer fails, we carry a much simpler 4 channel mixer we can plug in to replace it.
  • We use two speakers, one will do.
  • If a wireless link fails, we have trip hazards (cables) we can plug in as replacements.

Category: Technical

Safety and Speed (of set-up)


  1. Black cables draped across green grass can be hard to see in dim light.
  2. People can easily trip over them.

Speed: Of set-up:

  1. running cables takes time,
  2. securing them to lessen the trip hazards takes more time.