Covid 19


The park is a public place. We don’t control it and can not limit access but for your safety and to avoid any bad publicity we request that all people participating in our events follow these guidelines.

We recommend the wearing of masks & maintaining 2 metre distance from people from other bubbles.

The Traffic Light system

The government has announced that Auckland has been using the “Traffic Light System”1NZ Government page: from 1 minute before December 3 2021, initially in “Red”2NZ Government page: and between December 31 2021 and January 23 2022 in “Orange”3NZ Government page: Since January 24 2022 again in Red.

For us Orange & Red differ mostly in terms of the audience size.


In terms of the vaccine pass system, we are a public gathering without using vaccine passes. This allows us to have up to 25 people excluding staff (Performers). We interpret this as a maximum audience size of 25. Under Orange we have had nearly 50 audience members on occasions but more typically under 25. If we need to we may revert to requiring passes. We’ll make a decision when we need to.

Ministry of Health advice is “At events, workers (excluding performers and formal speakers) and others are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings.”


Between 31 December 2021 and 23 January 2022, Auckland was in “Orange”. Should we return to Orange this is how we will handle it

In terms of the vaccine pass system, we are a public gathering without using vaccine passes. This allows us to have up to 50 people excluding staff (Performers). We have had nearly 50 audience members on occasions and are making a concerted push for larger audiences, if we need to we may revert to requiring passes. We’ll make a decision when we need to.


A quick read suggests Green is just like Orange except we can have 100 people without passes. We’ll study it in detail when we need to.

Vaccine Passes

As they will be sharing a single microphone, we will be checking that all performers have vaccine passes before they use our microphones.

If we discover that we are getting more than 50 (Orange) / 25 (Red) audience members we may change to using vaccine passes. We don’t think we need to check the passes of everyone who walks through our performing area and as noted above this is a public park so we can’t control who can be there but we may ask people wanting to sit and watch if they have passes.

For Performers

We will provide sanitising wet wipes & hand sanitiser on stage. A bin for disposing used wet wipes will be on stage. Please use it.

It is highly recommended that you stay at least 1 metre from people from outside your bubble. It is also recommended that you wear a mask when you are not performing. Please note that we recommend and don’t require these actions.

We will provide a wired mic & stand. If you don’t feel comfortable using the shared mic, you are welcome to either use your own or just talk loudly. We will have a speaker that accepts mics on a 6.3 mm (¼ inch) jack plug and our mic cable fits a standard XLR (3 pin) mic plug at the mic end and has a 6.3 mm plug at the other.

There will be a contact tracing QR code at the entrance to the stage area. We encourage its use but in the event that someone at the show tests positive we have a cast list we can provide to health authorities.

If we haven’t sighted your vaccine pass or exemption certificate at a prior gig we will ask to see it before you perform.

How safe is this?

We think it’s safe with the above precautions, but we’ll leave the last words to the experts:

Media Question: “is there any evidence of outdoor transmission”

Dr Ashley Bloomfield: “transmission is quite common inside the family home, and it is common inside indoor settings, workplaces, and where people have a lot of interaction with each other. Less we do know from experience around the world that it’s less likely to transmit outdoors, because it tends to be more space between people, and, of course, just because of the weather conditions, the virus doesn’t tend to stay hanging around in the air quite so long.”4Media update 4 June 2021

Chris Hipkins: “we’ve looked very carefully at where transmission has happened and it’s almost entirely been within close contact settings, largely in the home but also in close contact within workplaces. So actually people in workplaces that are indoor are much more at risk than people who may have contact with drivers or others who are going about their work”5COVID-19 update 28 October 2021.

Jacinda Ardern: “Indoor gatherings, which are not permitted
now, nor when we move to step 2, continue to be a major driver of spread. So keeping it outdoors reduces the risk and helps keep cases under control.” 6Press conference 8 November 2021

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